Methods of Giving

Coleridge Community Educational Foundation (CCEF) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization which solicits tax-free donations and bequests. The goals of the Foundation are to provide scholarships for continuing the education of students beyond high school, as well as improving the educational atmosphere and facilities of the Coleridge Community School District. Listed below are numerous ways you can help.

Membership: $50 - Your membership displays a commitment to the success of the Foundation and the youth of our community.

Academic Enhancement Fund:
This fund will be used to finance special projects submitted by the school, faculty development, or classroom projects.

General Operating Fund:
Covers general operating and fund raising expenses.


General Scholarship Fund: A cash donation in any amount to be used to provide scholarships at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Annual Scholarship: An annual donation of $100 or more can be given to provide a special annual scholarship.

One Time Scholarship: A minimum donation of $250 to provide a special one time scholarship. If you wish, you may establish general guidelines for the scholarship.

Endowment Gifts:

General Endowment Fund: Cash donations or bequests in any amount may be made to this perpetual fund. Donations are combined and annually the interest is used for student scholarships or projects to benefit quality education.

Special Endowment Fund: Cash donations or bequests of $2,000 or more may be given to establish a special scholarship in the name of the donor or a loved one. These special gifts are accounted for individually with the interest awarded annually according to the general guidelines established by the donor. Click here for more information on a Special Endowment Fund.

Click here for more information on a Special Endowment Fund.

Your support of the Coleridge Community Educational Foundation will be greatly appreciated. For more information you may email,  or this form and return it to Coleridge Community Educational Foundation Treasurer, P.O. Box 11, Coleridge, NE 68727. Thank you!

  Enclosed is my gift of $______ to the Academic Enhancement Fund.
  Enclosed is my gift of $______ to the General Operating Fund.
  Enclosed is my gift of $______ to the General Scholarship Fund.
  Enclosed is my gift of $______ to the General Endowment Fund.
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